Energy Storage

There is a growing need for EV infrastructure projects specifying the use of multiple EV chargers

Energy Storage has become crucial at the design stage of any project to meet the demands and needs for multiple Rapid EV chargers or Hi Power points.


Each infrastructure design site has its own set of challenges and obstacles, it is essential we tailor our design plans to cater for EV, PV and Energy Storage in order to accommodate both project specification and site requirements.


"Electromobility is the norm. To make it a reality, we are cooperating with OEMs, utilities, fleet operators, companies, cities and end customers alike.

Our contribution is not just products, but complete solutions for electromobility that combine many years of know-how, innovative software and high-performance products."

Siemens UK 


With an ever challenging environment our goal is to deliver any given project on or ahead of schedule and within budget, reducing your carbon emissions and providing the highest quality EV infrastructure.

ViewPro Tec EV provide the very best value whilst at the same time offer the capability to future proof any EV infrastructure design.


This helps minimise any exposure and allow for any consideration to future technology upgrades.

It is imperative that we factor in all options like any additionional charger points or site expansion at the design stage in order to future proof any projects which equates to a 

 long term cost savings to any EV Infrastructure undertaken